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Kiafas 3 & Akadimias 10678 Athens tel. 210 38 13 838, 210 38 39 711 fax: 210-38 39 713900

email: info@synthesi-print.gr



Since 1990, the passionate approach of the company's founding members towards creation, graphic design, typography, and communication in general, has equipped the company's staff with valuable experience and specialized skills for all types of printing and publishing.

We have put together a highly experienced, professional, responsible and duly productive team of associates who are ready to meet your demands, regardless of the business field you belong to.

We employ a mixture of aesthetics and functionality with the aim of giving form to your business profile and communication ideas and we are able to produce the printed material of your choice, at the quantity you really need, offering you at the same time the most competitive rates in the market.