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Kiafas 3 & Akadimias 10678 Athens tel. 210 38 13 838, 210 38 39 711 fax: 210-38 39 713900

email: info@synthesi-print.gr



Your account manager creates a folder where you can upload your files. DO NOT create a new folder of your own.
  • File-naming differs according to the uploading method, so try to be consistent in the naming of your files.
  • Although it is easier to upload fewer multipage files, in case you feel that there will be corrections, we suggest you upload seperate files.
  • If you choose to upload seperate files, you do not need to export each page separately. There is an easy way to export aech page of a multipage PDF to Acrobat and rename them all at once using a file renaming software. If you need help, please refer to the related screen shots or contact your account manager.
  • The cover files are occasionally incorporated in the project as Page 1. In case they are not, separate them from the main body and name them accordingly so as to preserve the page order.
    • FC=(front cover)
    • IFC=(inside front cover)
    • IBC=(inside back cover)
    • BC=(back cover)
    • SPINE=(spine)